Dracula’s world. Visit to the legendary Castle Film Studios

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See the movie studios that produced many well – known Dracula, vampire, or horror movies, as well as action movies.

Day 1: On the first day you will reach the airport in Bucharest and meet your German speaking Romanian tour guide, who will take you on a journey through the world of Dracula. But first we go to Nachtquartier, a good mid-range hotel in the city.

Afterwards, you will visit the venerable, myth-related city center and the “Alten Hof”; which once entertained Vlad Tepe’s “Dracula”.

Strengthen yourselves in the evening in the “Darcula restaurant near the old town of Bucharest.

Day 2. After breakfast, you will travel with your guide to the studios “Castel Film” in the area of ​​Bucharest and visit the film studios, in which many well – known Darcula, -, Vampire, – or horror movies, but also action movies, were produced.

Then you will continue your journey to Snagov and visit a monastery located on an island in the lake, where the alleged grave of Prince Vlad Tepes is located. Your further journey takes you to the north, to the Carpathians, to the Bran Pass, where the Törzburg, which is world-famous as the “Dracula Castle”, is waiting for you. There you can visit a museum next to a unique landscape with a special atmosphere.

In the nearby village of Rosenau / Rasnov, you will visit the 13th-century fortress and let the past take effect. Today, a dinner with an eventful atmosphere takes place in a nearby traditional Transylvanian restaurant.

In Poiana Brasov / Schülerau, near Kronstadt / Brasov. If you are available on time, you can stay at the 4 * Hotel House of Dracula in Poiana Brasov.

Otherwise you will find shelter for this night in an alternative hotel of the same category.

Day 3. After breakfast, your tour guide shows you the city of Brasov (Kronstadt), which was influenced by German settlers. This city on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia played in the Middle Ages an important role in the defense against the Turkish aggressors. Prince Vald Tepes has found in Kronstadt the love of his life, the beautiful Katharina from Schei!

The medieval core of the city has been preserved over the centuries.

Among other things, you will visit the legendary “Black Church” and the Weber Bastion.

Later in the day, continue to Sinaia and visit the Peles Palace, the summer residence of the Royal Family of Romania, the Hohenzollern.

Afterwards we drive to Otopeni Airport (Bucharest) and say goodbye to your Romanian guide and companion of the last days before your return journey is due.

services included

  • Transfer Bucharest Airport hotel
  • 1x experience dinner in the restaurant Dracula in Bucharest (3-course menu, without drinks)
  • 1 night / breakfast in the good Mittelkalasse hotel in Bucharest
  • 1x traditional dinner in the restaurant in Poiana Brasov (3-course menu, excluding drinks)
  • 1 night / breakfast in a good middle-class hotel in the region of Bran / Rasnov / Brasov / Poiana Brasov (example: House of Dracula 4 *)
  • Visit “Castel-Film” studios
  • Visit to the Snagov Monastery
  • Visit the Bran / Dracula Castle in Törzburg / Bran
  • Visit to the Rasnov / Rosenau fortress.
  • Visit to the Black Church in Brasov / Brasov
  • Visit Peles Castle in Sinaia

Transport services, German speaking tour guide, visits and entries according to the program.